About 20th Century Chap

Welcome to 20th Century Chap - (brother of House of Foxy) 

Gentleman, it’s my great pleasure to welcome you to the stylish world of the 20th Century Chap.

If you’re familiar with the clothes-shopping-experience you’ll be more than ready to peruse the growing range of menswear products on the website – all are inspired by vintage styles and manufactured here in Great Britain.

If you’ve been directed here by your good lady, who just happens to be a friend of Foxy, then you’ve probably been made aware already that we are a small-business based in Yorkshire and are passionate about heritage clothing.

All of our clothing is based on original patterns, garments, or even photos – give us an inkling as to what you want, we’ll try our very best to make it.

We consistently use cloth woven in Britain and, if you’ll excuse the expression, we work at the cutting edge of period menswear technology to create quality garments of distinction.

Have a look around, you’ll get the gist of our signature style. I’m hoping you’ll find something here to your taste. The collection is growing, steadily and with purpose; that is to say, it’s well worth bookmarking.

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