20th Century Chap – Mens Fashion & Style Guide

The 1920s, '30s and '40s are the epitome of style, elegance and true 'Hollywood' glamour, not just for the ladies but for us men-folk too.

For men, the period is almost entirely dominated by the humble 'lounge' suit. Evolving out of the frock coat and trousers wore by the Victorian and Edwardian gentleman. Styles did not alter as significantly for men as they did for ladies - a gentlemen purchasing his suit in 1935 would very well continue wearing it into the next decade an beyond. However, our style guides will explain the subtle yet significant changes and key looks.

1920s Style Guide

Post WW1 styles championed by the younger generation  Read more


Goodwood Revival - what to wear

Everything you need to get the look for Goodwood Revival - gentlemen, look no further....Read more

1930s Style Guide

The rise of the sporting look and the dashing Hollywood inspired double breasted piece suit. Read more

1940s Style Guide

Rationing, make do and mend, utility and practicality Read more

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